Sunday, June 10, 2007

Brunch Party with Friends

Most of us Indians living in US have a busy weekend schedule filled with parties. Fortunately, we choose a lifestyle that doesn't take up most of our weekends for parties. We believe they are just tiring and take away lot of fun time we can have with our kids. So, we restricted our friendship to few friends who are all very close. We maintain a yahoo group and a Google calendar to share information about our weekend activities and we all always unite for any fun activity for kids.

We cycle through get togethers that occur once in 6-7 weeks and each time a one family hosts. As most parties, we had our parties at late evening and they last through midnight. Kids enjoy them a lot as all of us have kids in same age groups. But we come home tired and then it gets even tougher to get the kids from car to their bed. Then, for most part of the next day we are all tired.

Well recently, one of our friend had to host a brunch get together as I was on call and couldn't make it for night party. To our surprise we all felt it was just the best way to have a get together with kids. We all enjoyed chatting, playing games, eating (my fav part), and more food. The food was the best part as we get to enjoy all the famous traditional Andhra breakfasts like Pongal, Pesarattu Upma, Idly, several chutneys, Poori with mutton and poori koora, shrimp vepudu, fruit salad, fruit cocktails, and Mysore coffee.

We covered the whole day meals and when we returned home in the evening, we are all fresh for the evening and ready to sit in our home theater to enjoy a movie.

Probably, all the next get together's at our place will either be brunch or early evening cookouts filled with light food and lots of games and talking sessions around the kitchen island!

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