Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sources for great looking and comfortable barstools

Over the years, I spent quite a lot of time in finding the perfect counter and barstools that are not just good looking but just as comfortable. Since most of my active life in house is concentrated in kitchen, I wanted to get ever lasting and very comfortable stools.

Since I am not a normal human like most, I went to extremes to find the best stools for our decor. In the process, I gained enough knowledge about them to admit I am more knowledgeable about bar stools than I am with software programming (14 years working experience).

First, I had to decide between wood or metal. For kitchen it was an easy choice for us with 2 kids below 7 years. Wood was the choice as it will be easy for kids to move it around and also it doesn't damage the hardwood floors. Then, had to decided whether to get swivel chairs or fixed ones. With all our friends having kids, we decided to go with fixed so they get less abused by kids. Had to go with models that have back so, I can relax my back on a long day.

So, my research started on Google. Initially, search was frustrating as several websites that had barstool in their domain name showed up. Most of those sites were selling cheap looking designs.

Frontgate had very nice collection from traditional to contemporary and if you can wait for their 20% off coupon, you might be getting the best deal on great chairs. Also, Horchow, Layla Grayce for traditional, Eurway for low priced contemporary are good places.

Among manufacturers, Artistica Metal, and French Heritage make very comfortable traditional chairs. Furniture Land South in NC state is the best source to buy most brands if you don't find the one's you like at Frontgate.

Frontgate probably gets lot of them made exclusively for them. So, it's very hard to find them any cheaper. For my kitchen I was able to find a model sold by Frontgate on clearance at a local store.

My Kitchen Stools

For my basement bar, I have my eyes set on this model at Frontgate and will wait to see it in their outlet before I own them.

Will try to own for my bar

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