Friday, May 18, 2007

Did you know Sony PS3 won several product of the year awards?

I got my son Surya PS3 as the gift for an exceptional report he got from his school principal. To be frank, I had my good reasons to buy it for him. I was looking forward to watching Casino Royal Blu-Ray on it in my newly finished Home Theater. Little did I know about the capabilities of this gaming machine (as I thought!). Within days of owning it, I realised I have a very powerful media center in it. It's built-in Wi-Fi means less cable to be able to connect to internet and Playstation store for several hundered free downloads of movie trailers and games. All in High Definition. Here is where Verizon FIOS rocks! With it's incredible download speeds I am able to get HD trailers downloaded in few minutes.

The bluetooth remote is another asset for me as my PS3 is located behind the sitting area. Then, I can almost insert any format flash memories to view digital pictures and save them on it.

Finally, what a blu-ray player it has! Movies start at lighting speed if you experienced Toshiba's HD-DVD players which take forever to load menu. With it's HDMI 1.3, it is all set for a very long time as it supports enough bandwidth to handel any lossless audio that exists now while outputting full 1080P.

If you are in the market for a media PC or a movie player take a serious look at this piece of marvelous engineering!