Friday, May 4, 2007

Should I Blu-Ray or HD-DVD?

I didn't ask myself this question before I grabbed a HD-DVD Player when it was on sale at Best Buy. I had to confess I jumped early on HD-DVD player because I was trying to 'lighten' my wallet of a few Best Buy giftcards I had in there. Also, couldn't pass on all the FREE HD-DVD 'crap'(hey! they are free!) movies that are thrown with it through mail-in-rebates. I mailed the rebate in late Jan and still waiting to receive them :-(

Soon after I hooked it to my TV, I noticed there are hardly any 'new' movies in HD-DVD format. While browsing Amazon I decided to check how the other side of HD from Blu-Ray looks and noticed Casino Royale was written all over it. That's the movie I skipped in theaters to watch it in my Home Theater. So, ended up owning PS3 as it's the cheapest way to do Blu-Ray and not to mention that it's an incredible game machine AND (not over yet), a media center. I'll more blog about it more in another post as it a machine that deserves it's own space.

If you are shopping for an HiDef disk player, take time to browse their catalogs at Amazon and decide on the one you think has most movies that interest you. If you can afford grab both. Sony's Columbia Pictures, Disney, Liongate, Fox exclusively support Blu-Ray while Universal HD-DVD exclusive while Warner and Paramount are neutral.

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