Friday, May 4, 2007

Why summer is so exciting?

If you are living like me in a place that gets below freezing in winter you know where I am going with this. The beauty of living in NorthEast or Midwest is the drastic changes you get to enjoy in weather around the year. Just when you get tired of hot summer the cool fall winds follow. And soon, you wake up to a cold snowy morning. Do you think you can enjoy a better morning than watching snow coming down when you are sipping a hot cup of coffee?

Well, after a cold dry winter nothing looks better than the arrival of warm Spring with blossoming trees. Walking down the street with kids and wife makes you feel like you started a new life all over again. You wish life stays like that forever. But, soon you realize you need a break from dealing with kids homeworks and rushy morning to get them to school in time to avoid pink slips. Just when we asked for it, we are into the summer break. No more homeworks for us (yes it's homework for parents as well), no more rushing in life. So, now begins the plans to make summer trips. Beaches, bays, movies, parks, etc. Summer brings lot's of smiles on kids face. Oh yeah! Smile on kids face! That is something. The more you can see them smile, the more interesting the life gets for us. Life is Interesting!

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